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3 Types of Disputes: 3 Roles People Play

We help people resolve disputes three ways; mediation, arbitration, and special master cases.

The rules of engagement for each are quite different but the roles people play are the same.

In all three types of disputes, we're working with legal assistants/paralegals, lawyers, and clients. We've set up this website to make it easy for everyone on your team to work with us.

The various form, documents, and workflows that legal assistants and paralegals will need are available in the sections appropriate to the type of dispute you're working with. The same for lawyers. And the same for clients.

We want you to be comfortable navigating around the site and quickly locating what you need, so we've organized the site to accommodate your independence.

If you're a legal assistant or paralegal, just look for your title in each section of the site (Mediation, Arbitration, Special Master) and follow the Yellow Brick Road. If you run into obstacles or just don't understand something, please email or pick up the phone and call Alyson Chaky.

If you're a lawyer, please find your title in each section (Mediation, Arbitration, Special Master) and help yourself to what you need, too. You may also find articles and resources that could be useful to you in the Knowledge Center or on our blog, "Disputing." If you have questions, please email or call Alyson Chaky and, whenever necessary, she will pass your request on to me.

If you're a client, please locate the type of dispute you're in (Mediation, Arbitration, Special Master) and look inside under the "Client" section for resources we've providing to educate you a little. Of course, your attorney is always your best source of information.

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