When Mr. Bayer is Your Special Master, Just Treat Him Like a Judge

When your attorney needs your help with a Markman Hearing, or when Mr. Bayer has been appointed as a Special Master, maybe you have already run one of these gamuts. Maybe you haven’t. This section of our web is here to assist you in either case, because our office may do things slightly differently than you have experienced elsewhere.

In effect, when your attorney is involved with a Special Master case, he or she will be working with Mr. Bayer in the role of judge. This makes the process pretty formal. Neither you nor your attorney, nor your client, will be able to speak with Mr. Bayer directly at any time in the process.

So, you will need to rely on me to relay your communication. Some specific rules must be followed as we work together.

I have assisted Mr. Bayer in dozens of Markman hearings and Special Master cases and I know you need things made very clear. It’s my intention to help you and your attorney understand the process and requirements so that everyone gets through the process as smoothly as possible. This Special Master section of our website contains quite a bit of information about Mr. Bayer’s role as Special Master. There are sections both for your attorney and for your clients to use to familiarize themselves with their roles. You may want to read through those sections, too, especially the lawyer section, just to familiarize yourself with some of the requirements.

Links You Will Need

The links in the navigation to the left provide you with administration policies, communication requirements, FAQs, our blog, and other documents you may need about Mr. Bayer.

In the workflow (link) section, you will find a step-by-step outline of our work process. I recommend that you read the whole nine-step process, starting at “Ready to Get Started?” working your way through “Before Your Initial Conference,” finishing with “During Your Special Master Process,” so you can understand how we expect the parties to engage with Mr. Bayer as a Special Master.

Whether you have worked with us before or not, this part of the site provides a reference you can consult at any time. We’ve attempted to answer common questions in a brief and structured way. It’s our hope that this section will help you get started, support your preparation for your initial conference, and make it easier for you to manage things throughout the process. Of course, you can always contact me directly [link] with questions, concerns or special requests - and I hope you will.

Alyson Chaky