Costs & Payment Policies

During Your Mediation

At Our Office

While your mediation is in session, Karl will be working with you in breakout rooms or joint sessions and Alyson will be staffing the front desk from 8:30-5:30.

Alyson will be standing by to assist you in any number of ways, including:

  • making copies or print out hard copies of documents you need
  • receiving and transfer calls for you
  • getting lunch for the group and providing snacks throughout the day
  • arranging a cab to return you to the airport if you're coming from out-of-town
  • helping you with any wireless network trouble
  • answering questions
  • finding Karl for you if you need to locate him.

Outside Our Office

If your session takes place outside our office, Karl will meet you at the arranged facility. He will need an assistant to order lunch but he will pay for it. Your audio-visual provider will need to setup any AV equipment you require. Alyson will be available by phone to answer questions regarding your mediation submission or payments and to take questions from your assistants regarding setup. Normally, Alyson does not attend mediations outside our office.

Mediated Settlement Agreements

Regardless of where your mediation takes place, Karl will be actively helping the parties draft a mediated settlement agreement that fits your situation. However, Karl does not supply mediated settlement agreement forms of any kind.

If your dispute resolves, the lawyers will draft the mediated settlement agreement and all parties will be expected to sign it. If you would like us to have a copy of your agreement, depending on the parties and what you have agreed to, we are happy to receive a copy of your final agreement. This is not necessary, but we are happy to accommodate your preference. We dispose of all records, except payment records, within 30 days after a mediation comes to conclusion.

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