Costs & Payment Policies

After Your Mediation

Even if your dispute does not resolve on the day the parties get together, and the lawyers want Karl to keep working to help them resolve it, he will.

As a matter of fact, this is a distinguishing factor in our practice.

The unusual thing about Karl is that he never gives up on disputes that didn't settle. He believes strongly in trying to help the lawyers resolve disputes any way he can. This is why he makes himself available 24/7/365 from wherever you need him. He sticks with disputes until there's absolutely no hope of resolving them at the current time. Even then, he's often asked to restart mediations that stalled when settlement chances improve and, when this happens, he's delighted to help.

So, be sure to call Karl after the mediation if you need further help.

Whether your dispute settles or not, please make sure you have provided Alyson with all your contact information, including your email address, so that Karl can keep in contact with you.

We should already have received your payment prior to the start of your mediation. We expect you to follow up with Alyson and make certain that your payment has been received and recorded.

We look forward to working with you.