How to Check Karl's Availability, Reserve and then Confirm Your Date

In order for you to use our calendar easily, it's important that you understand the difference between what we mean by a "reserved" and a "confirmed" date. It's also important that you understand the difference between what we mean by"on hold" and "unavailable".

A "reserved" date is a date that has been temporarily taken off the available calendar and marked either unavailable or on hold on the public calendar.

A "confirmed" date is a date we have set to conduct a specific mediation.

"On hold" means we've penciled in a date for you, but it's not set in stone. If you don't confirm an "on hold" date within a week, we will release it so someone else can have that time.

Alyson understands that confirming a date requires the consent of all parties. However, we work primarily with the party who calls to reserve a date. If you see that a date is on hold, but really want to confirm that date to mediate, you can always ask Alyson to check with the party who has requested that date. Chances are, she can help you finalize your choice.

Please realize, though, that there's no guarantee that any on hold date will be confirmed for you until you confirm the date yourself.

"Unavailable" means for us that a date has been solidly reserved for a party and Karl's time and attention are unavailable for anyone else on that date.


If you want to work in our office and you're going to need multiple breakout rooms, you need to email Alyson immediately with the number of people involved in the dispute and the number of rooms you think you'll need, so we can verify whether we can accommodate your needs onsite.

To reserve a date, once Alyson has confirmed it for you, we need you to complete our Intake Form here.

You can complete this form online or download a PDF that you can submit to Alyson Chaky by email, fax, or US mail.

If you're comfortable using online forms, you can make things really easy for yourself (and us!) by using our secure online form to enter all the required information right here on the web. This form outputs directly to Alyson's email and is the fastest way for you to reserve with us.

If you'd rather download the PDF and submit it to Alyson by email, fax, or US mail, great. (Alyson loves email.) The faster Alyson gets the form, the faster you will receive your confirmation packet!

It's your choice. Use whichever method best fits your office process.