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Mediation Isn't Just What Happens on the
Day People Get Together

A lot of people think mediators settle cases. But that's just not how it works.

What really happens is people bring us their conflicting ideas and intense emotions and we create an environment where they can settle their dispute, if it's meant to settle.

When people arrive at our door, they're carrying different scripts about the same human drama. Each one has a different ending they're trying to get to. Everyone's testy, fearful, and frustrated. Some are angry and painfully stuck in their positions. Nobody's going anywhere. All the scripts are frozen.

Who am I?
I'm not a miracle worker and neither is Alyson. I'm just a guy who learns fast, works hard, enjoys my independence, and has been educated to look at problems from all sides. (It's that Rice - MIT engineering - UT Law School thing.) My dad was a Methodist minister, my mom was a teacher, and I learned how to get along with two big sisters in East Texas. I've been married over 30 years and we've raised twin daughters.

Who are you?
You're someone who is writing, producing and directing a story that has a great outcome for you. The trouble is, you're not the only one who's got a script that ends well - and your peers' scripts don't match yours. Your story has you winning what you want. Their stories have them winning what they want. You're containing your frustrations about this, holding others at bay, and that's gobbling up money, time and energy.

You want your happy ending now. And, at the same time, you're afraid that if you make the wrong move, you'll trigger an explosion, more energy will be wasted, and toxic, dirty by-products will be released. And you still won't get what you want.

What's missing?
Short of taking your case to court, for you to get what you want, you and the others have to find a way to produce ONE STORY that satisfies everyone. Since no one's going to accept the others' scripts or endings outright, this means you're going to have a fair fight.

To have a fair fight, people need two things: a safe place and a referee who's not afraid of fighters. We provide both, at our offices or wherever you choose to meet.

When we mediate, we manage the powerful conflicting energies that parties need to release into a safe crucible where fighting doesn't break people apart. Instead, it brings them together in a kind of "controlled fusion" that's free of radioactive byproducts.

What needs to happen?
For you to have any chance of getting out of your dispute quickly, two things need to happen. You need to trust Karl and Alyson to direct you while you concentrate not just on what you want but on what you and the other parties need. Then Karl and Alyson can help all the parties release the steam, refocus your intelligence and vital energies, and a wise and efficient result can emerge.

How do we get there?
It's straightforward. You provide us with appropriate documents and details and work hard with your lawyer to prepare before we get together. You trust us to craft a custom crucible for your dispute. And you have the guts to get into it. Then together we experience controlled fusion.

When you've made a decision to get started, you can use the left-hand navigation to orient yourself. We've created custom sections with next steps for you, whether you're a client, a lawyer, or a legal assistant in this dance.

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