Refereeing Pre-Trial Disputes Is Not For the Faint of Heart

Special Master Work Pays Off In the End

Special Master graphic

When judges and attorneys are looking for a Special Master, everyone wants a decision maker who’s experienced, independent and objective and also has both the background and the time to help them prepare their case fairly and efficiently for a jury trial.

If you’re here in our web, you may have an order of referral from a judge in hand. You may need my help drafting a proposed order. You and other counsel may be checking to see if I would be a good fit for your case. Or you may be looking for a short list of candidates to recommend to the judge.

Regardless of the path that brought you here, you’re probably just starting a case with plenty of discovery - including the potential for the discovery of lots of electronically stored information. The case may involve tough scientific and technology issues and many expert witnesses. It may involve the construction of patent claims. There may be highly complex legal issues. There may just be lots and lots of people involved.

You need a flexible process that will be tailored to the case and a decision maker who has more time and availability for your case than the Court does. A decision maker who has probably been, at one time or another, in your shoes as an advocate - and in the shoes of every other lawyer in the case, too. Someone who’s smart and quick on the uptake. Someone who likes to work for judges and is used to doing so.


Then you’re in the right place.