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Karl now conducts mediations in Spanish! Para obtener más información sobre las mediaciones en español, visite nuestra página de mediación.

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Let me guess why you're here

Somebody probably told you to come see Karl Bayer because you're stuck in a dispute.

If you're a client, you're looking for a wise, efficient resolution of your dispute. You may be tired of hemorrhaging money and feeling totally out of control in an alien court system.

If you're a legal assistant you're probably trying to figure out our availability, our costs, and how to prepare your boss and your client for working with us.

If you're a lawyer, you've been working hard. You've gotten your case in shape where you can make sound recommendations so your client can make an informed decision. You're in a position to negotiate strongly but your client may be getting unhappier by the day and not understanding why things can't end quickly. You may be getting pretty frustrated with other lawyers in the dispute.

You may not want to be here at all, but an arbitration clause or a court said you have to be.

We wish we were meeting you over a leisurely cup of coffee in our Austin office, but there will be time for that when you decide for yourself that we're the people to help you.

Maybe you need a mediator. Maybe you need an arbitrator. Maybe you need a special master.

I'm Karl Bayer. My dispute resolution coordinator, Alyson Chaky, and I help people get disputes resolved quickly and fairly. We get hired for mediations, arbitrations, and as a special master for cases from Austin, Houston, Dallas and beyond.

Whether you're a client, a legal assistant or a lawyer, we've organized this site to help you get the information you need for the type of dispute you're in because appropriate dispute resolution is not just something that happens on the day we get together.

So come on in, you're in the right place.

Thanks. You can use the links on the left to navigate quickly through pages we've created to help you understand how we look at the process of disputing. The tabs at the top of the page take you to resources for the different types of disputes we handle - mediation, arbitration and special master cases.

Alyson and I are ready to work with you as soon as you decide we're the people to help you.