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To Succeed, You Need To Help Us

It may surprise you that for mediation to work well, everyone has to prepare. This means your lawyer will prepare, we will prepare, and we need you to prepare, too.

Please Get to Know Karl and Alyson

We want to make it easy for you to get to know us. We know you could just Google us... but we thought this might be easier.

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Prepare Yourself

You can expect that soon after your mediation begins, Karl will ask you a couple of questions.

So you're not taken by surprise, please consider them and be ready to talk about them:

1. What were you trying to achieve by going to a lawyer?

2. What would a successful mediation look like to you?

After considering those two questions, your main job will be to think carefully about your interests and concerns as well as what you can imagine to be the interests and concerns of all the other parties.

You don't need to think in terms of "the bottom line." Your focus needs to be about your best alternatives to negotiating a settlement and the other parties' alternatives to negotiating a settlement.

"Alternatives to negotiating a settlement" means what you can do - without permission from the other side - to get yourself shed of the dispute you're in. We don't want you focused on some arbitrary bottom line because that kind of focus limits things you might learn at the mediation, offers you might hear, and creative responses you might make that could help you settle your dispute.